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Breastfeeding in public

People from the side consider breastfeeding in public places too vulgar. Many nursing mothers do not want to share this rather intimate process with curious views of others. 
Overall, breastfeeding the baby is quite natural, but some rules of etiquette should be followed.
Clothes for nursing mothers: simple and very comfortable Are you going with the baby to the store or to any other public place? Always wear clothes for nursing. It can be any blouses or dresses that are easily undone. 
Wear clothes with buttons,...

For how long to breastfeed?

Mother's milk is a natural food for young children - it was so in the course of centuries of human evolution. And only such food can support high rates of physical and neuropsychic development and functional maturation of the baby's organs and systems.

For how long to breastfeed?
As for the duration of breastfeeding, there is no consensus. Some believes that it is inappropriate to breastfeed after a year, some feeds until the end of paid leave to care for the child, and those who support radical views believe that the baby can get mother's milk for as long as...

Mother’s milk

The composition of breast milk is ideally matches baby’s needs and changes accordingly as he grows. There are no infant formulas, which in their composition could correspond to the composition of colostrum or milk in the first week of lactation.

Components of the breast milk

  • Fat

This the the most volatile component of the mother’s milk: fat content in the milk changes during one feeding, it’s not stable during a day and during baby’s growth changes according to his energy needs. At the beginning of feeding the milk contains low fat percentage...

Newborn feeding schedule

Creating a feeding schedule for a baby starting from his first months is one of the most important upbringing issues. However there are some doubts that may arise: is it acceptable to start scheduling from the early ages so the child was not only eating, but sleeping and awakened in the stated time? isn't it a coercion? would it better if he sleeps and awakes when he wants?
Daily regime provides an appropriate amount and durability of sleep, awakening and feeding time according to the age and physical condition of the child. The regime is not only health basics but...

How much does a newborn eat

While thinking out the "sleep-feeding-sleep" schedule for my baby, there were few questions bothering me. And the main was so how much does a newborn baby eat to have a comfortable sleep.
During few days already, I notice that after feeding a baby is being disturbed by hiccups. I've found out that it's definitely not a hypothermia so swallowing extra air while suckling or overeating remains.
So I've found a table with calculations on food volume during the first 10 days of the newborn.
A single dose is calculated by the following formula:
N (amount of days being born) х 10 = single dose...