Newborn feeding schedule

Creating a feeding schedule for a baby starting from his first months is one of the most important upbringing issues. However there are some doubts that may arise: is it acceptable to start scheduling from the early ages so the child was not only eating, but sleeping and awakened in the stated time? isn't it a coercion? would it better if he sleeps and awakes when he wants?
Daily regime provides an appropriate amount and durability of sleep, awakening and feeding time according to the age and physical condition of the child. The regime is not only health basics but also a major of breeding.
From the first days of life the baby is being fed at a certain time. Approximately in three to four weeks a baby begins to sleep a little less sleep. Starting from that point, it is necessary to accustom him to sleep, awake and eat at certain hours.
The time expectacy during which the child ca be actively awakened, is of great importance in the scheduling the regime. In the day between every two feedings the baby should be awake and also - sleep. Correct in all respects, is the regime by which the baby is sleeping before feeding and stays awake after. In such sequence, slept enough before feeding, he will suckle the breast very actively and will be in good mood for awakening.
In the end, after playing and being active for some time, will fall asllep quickly till the next feeding time. For creating the newborn feeding schedule you need to set the correct feeding timeline, by the time he should fall asleep - the conditions should be the most appropriate for that purpose, and same for the awakened time - a lot of moves and plays.
Currently in maternity hospitals, most of children are prescribed to have six-times meal — every 3.5 hours with a 7 hour break at night. It often happens that during baby's first month he sleeps almost all the time, and in this case such regime with six-times meal is quite satisfies him. But from the second month, when the baby begins to awake more often, 3,5-hour breaks between feedings is too much for him.
The most convenient the newborn feeding schedule will be:
- with seven-time feeding (every 3 hrs) - at 6 - 9 - 12 - 15 - 18 - 21 - 24 hrs;
- with six-time feeding - every 3.5 hrs.

As soon as you've set the newborn feeding schedule you should stick to it straightly. Permissible variation can be within 30min if the baby is in a deep sleep. And if that baby begins to shout beforehand, you can start feeding him in 15-20min earlier.
This might be very difficult but as soon as you've set the schedule and make everything right, you'll be paid off with calm regime for you and your baby.

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