Newborn Baby Feeding

Breastmilk - is the food intended for a baby by nature. Breastfeeding — is the process as natural as pregnancy and childbirth, a logical continuation of amazing nine months waiting for your baby.

To avoid miscalculating, follow simple principle — feed the child on its demand. Please note that this principle is only suitable for breastfeeding, as mixtures are being digested longer. Artificial feeding should be scheduled.

Take the newborn to the breast as often as he asks and keep until he is satisfied. Then you will be producing as much milk as it's needed for your baby. It can take up to 15 times a day for newborn baby feeding. It should bring joy to you and your baby in a quiet and calm place. Relax so that could go easier.

And of course newborn baby feeding should be done correctly:

  • wash your hands with soap
  • decant some breastmilk and wipe nipple with it 
  • take a child close to your body and at the moment when he opens mouth widely - put a nipple inside
  • check if he also grabs an areola, otherwise baby can gulp air
  • as soon as baby is fed up - he will let our the niple
  • decant some milk again to wipe the niple and areola and wait till it get dry. Breastmilk contains specific elements that heals cracks and help to avoid irritation
  • hold a baby straight for a bit so he could spit up the air

The main point of newborn baby feeding is to give to a child the most nutrition food, so-called "rear milk", so do not rush to take away the breast even if it seems that the child has finished.

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