How much does a newborn eat

While thinking out the "sleep-feeding-sleep" schedule for my baby, there were few questions bothering me. And the main was so how much does a newborn baby eat to have a comfortable sleep.
During few days already, I notice that after feeding a baby is being disturbed by hiccups. I've found out that it's definitely not a hypothermia so swallowing extra air while suckling or overeating remains.
So I've found a table with calculations on food volume during the first 10 days of the newborn.
A single dose is calculated by the following formula:
N (amount of days being born) х 10 = single dose (one-time).
This is the easiest way to determine a one-time dose of milk needed for the baby in the first ten days.

The daily amount of food is calculated according to the weight of the baby in two versions (depending on the weight of the baby) as follows:
1. When the weight is 3200 gr. and below, the daily volume of milk = age in days (N)×70
Example: the child is of 5 days, the weight is 3100 grams. The daily volume of milk will be = 70 x 5 = 350 ml. To calculate a one-time dose, you should divide the daily volume into the number of feedings.
2. When the weight is above 3200 gr. the daily volume of milk = age in days (N)×80
Example: the child is 7 days, the weight of 3800 grams. The daily volume of milk will be = 7 ×80 = 560 ml.

Calculations of daily food volume for newborns of older than 10 days:
In the age of 10 days to 6 weeks - 1/5 of body weight
From 6 weeks to 4 months - 1/6 of body weight
From 4 months to 6 months - 1/7 of body weight
From 6 months to 8 months - 1/8 of body weight
From 8 months to 12 months - 1/9 of body weight

Example: The child is 1 month, the weight is 4100 grams. The daily volume of milk for him = 4100÷5= 820 ml.

These calculations are more applicable to those babies that are on artificial feeding (about 8 times daily). For the breast-fed the number of feedings is about 10-12, so one-time volume of milk may be less.
If you are concerned if the baby gets enough of the breastmilk, you should orient yourself by weight gaining. If the breasfed baby gains 150-200 grams per week gain - this is normal and adequate.

During artificial feeding you should give additional wanter, and also while breastfeeding if it's prescribed.

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