Breastfeeding in public

People from the side consider breastfeeding in public places too vulgar. Many nursing mothers do not want to share this rather intimate process with curious views of others. 
Overall, breastfeeding the baby is quite natural, but some rules of etiquette should be followed.
Clothes for nursing mothers: simple and very comfortable
Are you going with the baby to the store or to any other public place? Always wear clothes for nursing. It can be any blouses or dresses that are easily undone. 
Wear clothes with buttons, hooks, strings. This will help to avoid embarrassment. By the way, stuff for nursing moms are now in vogue. Women, even those who are far from maternal duties and caring for infants, do not want to burden themselves and give preference to simple and convenient cloth. Therefore, you will not spend a lot of time searching for them.

The right things should always be on hand
Just in case you can take a blanket or a scarf with you, in order to hide behind when the child wants to eat. Do not want to breastfeed? Then put in a handbag for a baby a small bottle of breast milk, which must be expressed in advance, a pillow and napkins (in case of eructation).
These little things will help with dignity to get out of any embarrassing situation.

Priceless help from nursing mothers and counselors
Life experience is worth a lot. If one day you are in an embarrassing situation with feeding, ask the more experienced mothers for advice in the future.
Each of them has some useful comments that you will definitely find useful in practice.
Remember, there is a so-called psychological barrier on feeding in public places. For the first time it will be very difficult and you have to be prepared, but you will succeed.
Consultants for breastfeeding offer special exercises, the purpose of which is to overcome psychological difficulties.

Barrier in the form of public opinion
But what to do if you can not overcome the barrier. The opinion of others is always not pleasant, it hangs with a heavy sword of Damocles.
Only time will help. Discipline yourself. For the first time it will be scary, but gradually with each new public feeding you will get used to and learn to ignore the baseless comments of passing by you gawkers.
However, in order to avoid reaction of others affecting your psychological state, breastfeeding in public places should be as quickly and imperceptibly as possible. Find a deserted place and feed your baby. 
Dear mothers, breastfeeding - it's not disgraceful at all.

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