Breastfed Baby Spitting Up

All children while drinking swallow a bit of air. However this air accumulates in the stomach and causes anxiety to the child. Due to this some children are forced to stop feeding, while other - don't stop until drink all the milk. There are two main ways to help the child in avoiding air swallowing. Choose the one you prefer.

The first way is to put the child on your knees holding his back, and slightly stroke his tummy.

The second way is to hold the child on your hands so that his head was laying on your shoulder, and gently pat or stroke his back. Put on your shoulder the napkin or linen in case he spits up some milk.

Some children belch the air easily and quickly while for other it's rather difficult. If the air doesn't come out right away, lay the child for a moment, and then uplift again - sometimes this helps.

If the child swallows too much air so that he is forced to stop feeding, let him spit up first and only then continue feeding. At the end of each feeding it is very important to give baby an opportunity to spit up.If you lay him in the bed before he burps, in a while the air in his stomach will start to bother him. Some children are even in pain.

On the other hand, if your child is one of those who's spitting up the air badly and not disturbed by that, you can just hold him upright for a few minutes and then lay in the bed.

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